Sesderma Система для Выравнивания Тона Кожи VITISES


Система для Выравнивания Тона Кожи VITISES

Размер 100.00 мл

. Помощь при витилиго-хронических симптомах.Восстанавливает пигментацию кожи

Regenerating Creams Regenerating Treatment Sesderma has a range of products such as gels, foams, creams, masks and regenerating creams, designed to repair and regenerate skin that has suffered any aggression. These regenerating products also help protect and prevent damage such as irritations and rashes. Sesderma verfügt über zahlreiche Pflegeprodukte, zum Beispiel Gele, Bodymilch, Cremes und Hautöle für die Körperpflege, die gegen Cellulite und Dehnungsstreifen wirken, die Körperkontur verbessern, bei müden Beinen helfen oder einen straffenden Effekt besitzen. Sesderma offer customised products for all skin types with technical innovation. Dermatological products for anti-ageing, body care, anti-blemishes and hygiene. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Azelac RU liposomal serum, is a liposome formula with active ingredients of direct action on the melanocyte. The spots on the The spots on the Skin are one of the most common causes of visits to a dermatologist. Sesderma offers body care treatments like gels, body milks, creams and oils to nourish the skin and reinforce it natural barriers. Our state of the art products helps to substantially improve conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, body shape, loss of firmness and help to fix conditions such as tired legs.

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Sesderma Retises, intensive Erneuerungscreme mit Retinol..

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